City Pest Control Services Warranty. (2020/21)


Please Note 

The chemicals we use to take time to take effect, up to 5 weeks. You should see alot of activity after the spray as the chemicals work to repel them from their safe spots. Then they will absorb the chemical into their bodies and start to die. NEW insects will die when they walk on the treatments we have sprayed.

City Pest Control Services offers a warranty service dependant on the service you have received. The General Pest Control warranty is supplied to you with either a 6,9 or 12-month warranty with a limitation. We know we offer a service that can’t be beaten however we also can’t give away free general sprays at the end of the warranty ends. So, our valued clients of past agreed it was fair that the end 3 months of the warranty a spot spray would be conducted after agreement and any pictures being provided show webbing or pests present.


  • 12 Months = 9 months full ( internal or External) + 3 months Spot
  • 9 Months = 6 months full ( internal or External) + 3 months Spot
  • 6 Months = 3 months full ( internal or External) + 3 months Spot


Billy had our Ultimate 12 months warranty. At 10 months he spotted a spider with webbing. City Pest came to the property and sprayed the area and webbing only (Spot Spray).


Ben had a 9-month warranty. At 8 months he spotted a spider with webbing under the porch. City Pest Control came around and sprayed externally of porch area only (Spot Spray).


Bob had our Ultimate 12-month warranty. At 7 months found a Redback in his bathroom, unsure if he brought it into the property. City Pest Control came around and sprayed the Internal areas of the home under warranty fully.

Our services are proven to work, and, unfortunately, a minority of customers try to abuse the warranty by requesting a full spray towards the end of the agreement pushing for another free full spray. Please understand there is a small minority who think this is ok. City Pest Control offers a very detailed service with many happy customers, so all that happens is that they lose us a trusted service. Realistically, think about it we offer a 12-month warranty when others only offer 6 because we know what we offer is that good.


Ants are not covered under a General Pest warranty; however, if ants come into contact with our chemical, they will die. Ants like Termites live unground or of distance away from the property. If a nest is not seen at the time of the spray, the Queen will not be killed, and an unlimited amount of reproduced ants will be born via the queen. Thus ants will continue to be around a premise until the death of their queen.

We offer specific treatment for Ants that will enable us to kill the queen and rid the nest.

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