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Residential Pest Control Services

We at City Pest Control take great pride in the work we do for our clients. We love to see our clients happy knowing that the job that has been completed was done by trained staff who are happy to answer any questions they may have. Most of our jobs come with a 6-month warranty to give our clients that extra understanding that when a job is done right, we then prove it with our C.P.C.S warranty. Our prices are checked regularly so we are competitive. But remember that we use only the best chemicals in Australia. You will never get a trainee.

We Do It Right the First Time

Our Residential pest control services technicians are passionate to ensure your family members are safe while being in your own home. Our customers feel safe knowing our business guarantees a trusted service to remove those annoying bugs. Here at City Pest Control Services, we offer the best service with expert technicians, fully trained (no trainees) at competitive prices. We honestly believe you won’t get a better service elsewhere. Below are just a few of the many insects and issues we deal with on a daily basis.

Spiders - Internal & External Spray with Roof Void dusting. (Our Premium Service).

This is our most popular and most effective service. Our expert technician will arrive at your premises at an agreed date and time and discuss any issues you may have found. With our technicians understanding of your premises, they will start the treatment either internally or externally as needed, ensuring the safety of you, your family members, your pets, and themselves. On completion of the service, you will receive a service report with all details of the work completed and any findings seen from our professional technician.
(This service eliminates up to 10 known insects from your premises.)

Ants and Cockroaches

Ants are not as easy to kill as people assume they are. They can be very hard to find and likewise finding the nest can also be a hard task. Fortunately, most of the time, we have a good success rate with our premium service using our advanced chemicals and gels. However sometimes our service will require our GOLD ANT treatment which entails a different approach and a little more investment from the client. An inspection of the concerned areas in and outside premises is our best approach.
Cockroaches can be dealt with using our superior commercial gels. They are safe to use in residential areas. with a small amount of time and a possible second treatment, your premises should be clear from those roaches.

Mice and Rats

This service is dealt with by knowing what type of vermin you have on your premises. CPCS technicians have dealt with this on a regular basis and with the correct Industrial baiting system in place. Your roof void will become rodent-free. Additionally, a regular visit from our technician ( 6-12 months ) can ensure those new visitors meet the right result.

Wasps - Removal/Exterminate Service

This service is now very common in Canberra. The European wasp seems to have taken a liking to the Canberra area and we at City Pest Control Services seem to get a lot of calls for this service. Wasps can get very angry and fast, hence why it’s best to use professionals like us. We use the best process that will kill the queen and her growing family. The service can become difficult but we have the technical know-how to complete it.

Residential Prices

Services Cost
Termite Inspection Great Price - $239.00 (Normally $349.00/Now with Thermal Camera Fee)
Rodent Control Price start from $140.00 up-to $265.00 (Great Fast acting products used)
Wasps Great Price $210.00 (Normally $260.00) (Fast service on Wasp - Guaranteed kill)
Flea Treatments Price start from $120.00 up-to $550.00 (Value Priced)
General Pest Sprays Price start from $170.00 (Standard home $260.00 internal external 4 bed, one level) (Best Service Guarantee)
Possum Removal Price start from $190.00 up-to $650.00 (Dependent on Requirements)
Ant Treatments Price start from $140.00 up-to $880.00 (6 Month Warranty on certain services)
Cockroach Treatment Price start from $140.00 up-to $240.00 (6 Month Warranty on certain services)
Pre Purchase Termite Inspection Great Price $269.00 (Normally $349.00/Now with Thermal Camera Free) (Fast Service Available)
Rodent Standard service $220.00 inc (Baiting to the roof with fast acting poisons)
All-in Services (PREMIUM) for Rodents all areas $265.00 inc (Baiting the roof void , supply lockable bait boxes to garages and home (fridge/laundry)

Other requirements need to have a quotation please call us at 0407 909 118.

We kill up to 10 VARIETIES OF INSECTS with one treatment​

House Spray / Wanniassa

Came on time, and was very polite. Found the pest man to be very careful and had a lot of respect. Price was very good for what i received

European Wasps / Paper

Had wasps living in my weep holes upsetting my dog. City Pest came round really fast , dealt tith the issue and within an hour i had no more wasps. Great job ,Amazing.


Had issue with other termite company. Called City Pest. They have taken over my termite control and were a lot cheaper and better value

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