2021: How Much Does Pest Control Cost In Canberra

Dealing with a pest infestation is never a fun time. Not only is it unhygienic, but it can affect your family’s convenience and health. It’s even worse when it infects your commercial property as you risk turning customers away and earning a bad reputation.
Canberra is said to have 85 unique species of pests, with around 10 species said to commonly infest homes and properties. Find out what these 10 common pests are and how much is the average pest control cost in Canberra.
#1 – Termites
It is believed that one out of four houses will have some sort of termite infestation in its lifetime. They are known as “silent destroyers” as they love to gnaw on wood, floorings, and wallpapers causing almost $5 billion in damages per year, most of which are not covered by your insurance. This is why knowing how to prevent or detect them early is very important.
To check the extent of your termite infestation, a termite inspection costs $239 in Canberra. Termite eradication starts at $180 for a single controlled space, and you can expect costs to be higher for a severe infestation. City Pest Control offers a termite inspection and general pest spray for up to 10 pests for $400. Call us at 0407 909 118 for a detailed price of termite eradication.
A more permanent solution would be to avail soil treatment and baiting system solutions. While soil treatment is expensive and can cost around $2,500 to $3,500, you won’t have to repeat it as often compared to annual termite eradication as it effectively stops future infestations.
#2 – Bed Bugs
Bed bugs top our list of one of the most frustrating pests to deal with. These tiny wingless insects feed off human blood and disrupt your sleep with pain and itchiness. Bed bugs can often be found in your mattress, pillows, beddings, as well as your couch. They’re incredibly hard to get rid of without professional help – some people just resign to buying new furniture altogether!
Treating bed bugs normally takes more than one session to make sure that they are completely exterminated. For the best bed bugs treatment in Canberra and Queanbeyan, give us a call at 0407 909 118.
#3 – Ants
Ants are often harmless insects, but it can be annoying dealing with them especially once they’ve grown in numbers. Ants are often found where food is stored so proper storage is key in keeping control of them.

If your ant infestation has gone out of control, you can contact a professional then. The cost to exterminate ants in Canberra, prices starts from $140.00 up-to $880.00 . City Pest Control offers a premium ant extermination service with a warranty for $650 to $850 that targets all ants including the ant queen, to make sure that the whole colony dies and doesn’t reproduce further.

#4 – Bees
Bees make a pleasant sight in small numbers, but not when they start to nest in your home and pose danger to your family. The cost of bee extermination in Canberra starts at $210 and varies depending on the size of the colony.
#5 – Wasps
As soon as you spot a wasp hive on your property, call us at 0407 909 118. A wasp sting can be dangerous to the point of fatality, which is why we don’t recommend removing them on your own. Wasps are highly territorial and will defend their nest against any kind of disturbance. Expert wasp extermination starts at $210.
#6 – Cockroaches
Like ants, cockroaches often infest areas with an abundance of food supply. They breed quickly and spread disease, so it’s best to get them under control as soon as you notice them. You can use home remedies such as traps and bottle pesticide to deal with a minor infestation. For larger infestations, call a general pest spray service to exterminate cockroaches which prices starts from $140.00 up-to $240.00
#7 – Rodents
Bringing a variety of diseases and causing damage to your property, rodents are some of the worst pests to infest homes and commercial businesses. When it comes to dealing with rodents, it’s best to do it sooner rather than later so you can avoid health issues later on. Prices start from $140.00 up-to $265.00 to exterminate rodents from your property.
Once you see signs of rodent infestations such as scratching and squeaking noises, signs of chewing on food, and rodent droppings, call us right away at 0407 909 118.
#8 – Possums
They might look cute to some people, but what ain’t cute is the structural damage they can incur. Note that possums are protected species so they shouldn’t be exterminated, but just relocated and prevented from coming back into your home. Possum control involves the use of traps and sealing any cavities that they use to access your ceilings. The cost of possum removal in Canberra and Queanbeyan starts at $190 up-to $650.
#9 – Spiders
A good number of spiders that you see around your home are harmless. However, there are a few select species that are poisonous and should be cause for concern. The good thing is that general pest sprays, prices starts from $170.00 (Standard home $260.00 internal external 4 Bed, one level)——— (Best Service guarantee) for a standard home can exterminate spiders, cockroaches, and a total of up to 10 pests. For poisonous species that need to be immediately removed, call us at  0407 909 118 and we can give you a fast free quote.
#10 – Birds
While not all birds can count as pests, some species can cause damage to your property when they start nesting in less than ideal locations. They can nest in your roof and gutter, and in turn cause structural damage, spread bird droppings, and carry diseases that can impact you and your family.
The average cost of bird control is around $300 to $500. Pigeons, sparrows, and Mynah birds are considered pest species in Australia. Call us at 0407 909 118 so we can give you a quote depending on the kind of bird problem that you have.
In summary, here are the costs of pest control services in Canberra for the top 10 most common pests and more:
Termite InspectionGreat Price – $239.00 (Normally $349.00/Now with Thermal Camera Fee)
Rodent ControlPrice start from $140.00 up-to $265.00 (Great Fast acting products used)
WaspsGreat Price $210.00 (Normally $260.00) (Fast service on Wasp – Guaranteed kill)
Flea TreatmentsPrice start from $120.00 up-to $550.00 (Value Priced)
General Pest SpraysPrice start from $170.00 (Standard home $260.00 internal external 4 bed, one level) (Best Service Guarantee)
Possum RemovalPrice start from $190.00 up-to $650.00 (Dependent on Requirements)
Ant TreatmentsPrice start from $140.00 up-to $880.00 (6 Month Warranty on certain services)
Cockroach TreatmentPrice start from $140.00 up-to $240.00 (6 Month Warranty on certain services)
Pre Purchase Termite InspectionGreat Price $269.00 (Normally $349.00/Now with Thermal Camera Free) (Fast Service Available)
How much does it cost to get rid of mice from a residential property?
At City Pest Control Services, we are very transparent when it comes to pricing. See our pricing for residential mice, rat, rodent control below.
Service Cost
Standard Service $220.00 inc (Baiting to the roof with fast acting poisons)
All-in Services $265.00 inc (Baiting the roof void , supply lockable bait boxes to garages and home (fridge/laundry)
Other requirements including commercial services – feel free to request for a quotation by calling us on 0407 909 118.
What factors affect the cost of pest control?
There are several factors that affect the price of pest control in Canberra aside from the kind of pest you’re dealing with. These factors include:
#1 – The size of your property
The prices quoted above are for a standard three to four-bedroom home. The larger your home, the more extensive the labour and the more chemicals that we need to use. Expect prices to increase if you have a larger home to account for our products and manpower.
#2 – The extent of the infestation
Again, the quotes above are for a standard infestation. The worse your infestation problem, the higher the total cost of pest control. City Pest Control provides fast free quotes so call us at 0407 909 118 so we can be clear about the extent of the problem and give you a more accurate quotation.
#3 – The ease or difficulty of access
We encourage you to move any large pieces of furniture or appliances prior to us coming into your home so we can easily begin with the pest control service. This will lower your cost as it saves us time which we then bill back to you. For infestations in more hard to reach areas such as ceilings, pipes, attics, and crawl spaces, expect the cost to rise a bit as well.
#4 – The kind of pesticide that you want to use
Normal pest treatment chemicals can be harmful to you, your family, pets, and even plants. In most cases, it’s best to leave your property while pest extermination is being carried out so you can keep your family safe from the smell and adverse effects of the chemicals. What we recommend is to use eco-friendly chemicals for pest treatment where possible. Although these are more expensive than standard chemicals, they carry fewer risks and have no to low impact on the environment.
#5 – The insurance and accreditation of your pest control company
There are a lot of pest control companies in Canberra, but not all of them are reputable. Although you might find a cheaper quote elsewhere, the effectiveness of these companies to solve the problem might be in question. When you get a quote from your supplier, ask about their insurance against property damage and accreditation as well. City Pest Control Services is accredited by the Australian Environmental Pest Managers Association. We offer insurances and guarantees on our different services as well.
Can I DIY pest control?
To a certain extent, you can DIY some kinds of pest control. Especially if you only have some minor infestation, you can buy some pesticides off the grocery or set up pest traps yourself. However, for a more extensive infestation, it’s best to call the professionals. You’d also want a professional service when dealing with venomous species like spiders and snakes.
If you find yourself having to DIY too often, it might be more cost-effective to just call a professional for a one-time extermination. It costs $400 to avail of City Pest Control’s general pest spray that works on up to 10 pests and includes a termite inspection.
What are the pros of hiring a professional for pest control?
With DIY pest control, you’re not guaranteed successful extermination. There are several benefits to hiring a professional pest control service in Canberra over DIY such as:
  • A pre-inspection service to determine the extent of the infestation
  • Efficient and guaranteed results
  • Minimal to no harm to your family
  • Protection against property damage
  • Proper compliance with state regulations on pest removal or extermination
Call us at 0407 909 118 if you want to solve your pest control problem in Canberra.
How often should I avail of pest control services?
If you generally keep your home tidy and put preventive measures in place, you might not have to deal with a pest infestation in your lifetime. However, it’s still recommended to get a pest inspection yearly to stay proactive against ‘hidden’ pests like termites.
Once any kind of pest has found its way into your home and business, we recommend availing of pest control services every quarter to keep them under control. These routine checks also help to keep the cost of pest control services down as compared to letting the infestation run rampant and calling us later on.
If you’re currently dealing with pests, call us at 0407 909 118 and we can solve the problem for you.
I don’t really have pests at home or in my business, but how can I check for sure?
It’s a good thing to be proactive when it comes to pests as a home or business owner. Some pests can invade your property quietly, and you might have a full-blown infestation in your hands before you know it.
Termites are especially notorious for this: they love to work in secret, eating through your house’s wooden structures from inside out. But fret not; termites are controllable, preventable, and treatable. Watch out for some tell-tale signs such as papery or hollow sounding timber, flying termites, white ants, and frass or termite droppings. Or better yet, book a professional termite inspection today. Termite inspection costs $239 in Canberra and a pre-purchase termite inspection costs around $280.
It’s recommended to have your property checked for pests once a year even when you don’t notice any.
City Pest Control Services offer excellent pest control services at an affordable price. We service locals of Canberra and Queanbeyan and offer guarantees and warranties on our services. Call us now at 0407 909 118 or visit our website for a fast free quote. We detail the inclusions, exclusions, and guarantees in our quotes to get an accurate estimate for your pest control service in Canberra.
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