Canberra wasp control and how to deal with them this season

When it comes to getting rid of European wasps, prevention is better than cure. So, what piques their interest in the first place? They eat other insects because they are predators. They are, however, drawn to sugary foods and beverages. Wasps can be attracted to an open can of soft drink or a plate of food that is left unattended. Drinks and open food containers should be covered.

Pest Control in Canberra and Queanbeyan

Canberra means getting used to bugs and other creepy crawlies venturing into your house or commercial premises, from European wasps, venomous spiders, and ants plus 30 termite species that are eating 1 in 4 homes throughout Canberra. Living side-by-side with bugs is a common problem but also a new issue with the changes in climate over the past years.

How Much Does Termite Inspection Cost in Canberra?

Concerned you’ve got termites destroying your home from the inside out? A termite inspection should be conducted annually to avoid being 1 of the 3 Australian homes who suffer termite damage each year. While demolishing an entire, termite-ridden home would make your head spin, a simple termite inspection is much more affordable, costing an average of $200 to $500 for Canberra homeowners.

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Dealing with Possums Legally

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Beware of These Deadly Spiders! Get Rid of Them before It’s Too Late

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