How Much Does Rat Extermination Cost in Canberra? [Rodent Removal Price Guide]

They’re big, they’re dirty, they breed faster than rabbits, and they can bring diseases and structural damage to your home. That’s why, if you suspect you have a rat infestation, you’ll want to schedule an extermination FAST.
The problem is, plenty of Canberra’s rodent control “experts” will take advantage of your need, and charge you plenty of cheese to remove your rat problem.
There’s inconsistency on Google when it comes to extermination services and costs, which is both frustrating and confusing. To help you make an informed decision (and save money along the way), here’s how much a rat extermination should cost in Canberra, as well as what the service should include.

The basics: Rat and mouse infestations

Rats and mice have been living alongside humans for centuries, and they’re experts at getting into your homes and setting up shop.
They can live in your walls or in spaces that are less frequently used, making it tough to spot an infestation, often until there are thousands of critters and the damage is well and truly done.
Once established in your home, rats (and other rodents) can cause many issues, including:
Though there are more than 65 species of rat and mouse in Australia, the four species that you’ll most commonly find in your Canberra home are the brown rat (Rattus norvegicus), the house mouse, the field mouse and the black rat (Rattus rattus).

How much does rat extermination cost?

For rat extermination, your cost will depend on factors like:
That said, here’s a more precise breakdown to help you budget for your next pest control service.
Rat Control Service Average Cost
Initial inspection and basic rodent control [3-bedroom house] $220 to $300
Initial inspection and basic rodent control [4-bedroom house] $250 to $350
Ongoing services, inc. baiting roof void and supplying bait boxes $250 to $300
Internal treatments only $120 to $160

Can I remove rats on my own?

Every Coles and Woolies will sell DIY rat-control traps, poisons, sprays and baits.
But rats are hard to get rid of on your own for a few reasons.
First, rats have an excellent sense of taste and smell, meaning that it’s very easy for them to sense contamination and avoid poisoned foods. They’re also skittish and great motion detectors, meaning they’re likely to sense you coming and run away before you get a chance to trap or kill them.
The speed that rats can breed also means a DIY approach – even if it’s helping keep rodents out of your kitchen – can fall short of stopping hundreds (or thousands) of rats from taking up space in your walls or floors.
That’s why, if you have a rat problem, you should strongly consider professional extermination.

Signs of rat infestation

If you think that you’re dealing with a rat infestation, look for common signs like:
If you notice any of these signs, you should get on the phone and start looking for a local Canberra-based rodent exterminator.

What does the rat extermination process look like?

If you think you have a rat or mouse problem, a skilled rodent-control technician can help.
However, it helps to know what you’re paying for to avoid being ripped off.
At City Pest Control Services we offer a thorough extermination that starts with planning and strategy, and finishes with advanced exclusion methods to keep your home rat-free long after we’re gone.
Read on to discover more about our approach.

Step #1 - Inspection

First, one of our technicians will come to your home to determine the type of rat or rodent that you’re dealing with, as well as the conditions in the surrounding environment.
Once our technician completes the evaluation, we’ll make an extermination recommendation. More often than not, this includes:

Step #2 - Extermination

Once our technician has laid out the options and you have chosen your preferred treatment, we’ll begin the rat extermination process.
Keep in mind that this process can be lengthy. Like we mentioned, rats are smart, have a great sense of smell, and can sense motion. This can make it difficult to remove rats immediately. For this reason, it can take up to two weeks for entrenched rat colonies to take bait or fall into traps.
We understand that you want fast results (and a rat-free home), which is why all of our extermination plans come with:

Step #3 - Exclusion

It’s not only important to get rid of existing rats, but also to prevent future rats from getting into the home.
To stop this from happening, our team of experts can help cut off points of entry into your home using mesh, foam, metal flashing, and other materials.

What factors affect the cost of rat control and extermination?

When it comes to rat extermination costs, there are a few cost breakdowns to keep in mind.
Infestation Level: Rodents, in particular, can be difficult and more costly to control than something like a cockroach, so you can expect higher costs than you might otherwise pay if your infestation is deeply entrenched.
Property size: The size and complexity of your property is also something to take into account. This is particularly true because a larger home may need special material, along with more material and pesticides.
Treatment type: You may require both immediate and long-term treatment, with more treatments bringing your price up. You may also need sprays, chemicals, and baits, with each type of treatment incurring an additional cost.
Treatment frequency: Rats can be a one-and-done extermination. However, if you want your exterminator to come back and conduct a follow-up, that could incur extra costs.
Rat in the house on the floor

How much do rat exterminators charge by the hour?

Many exterminators also pay hourly rates based on their location in Australia. Overall, expect to pay an average of $50 per hour. Here is a more detailed breakdown:
State Hourly Rate
Victoria $35 – $40
New South Wales $55 – $60
Queensland $65 – $70
Canberra $45 – $65

Looking for fast and affordable rat control?

When it comes to rat control, you don’t want to cut corners.
If you’re finding an unbelievable price online, it’s probably too good to be true.
Keep in mind, you can always avoid scams by checking your exterminator’s license and insurance (all City Pest Control Services technicians are fully licensed as required by Territory and Municipal Services).
You should always chase up a second (or third or fourth) opinion if you think that your exterminator is quoting too high, as affordable prices and premium services are part of our commitment to you.
Ready for a fast and free quote or to learn more about your extermination problems?
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