How to Get Rid of Ants

You’re coming to terms with an indoor ant problem of considerable proportions. They’ve broken in, stolen crumb after crumb of your favourite foods and made a home for themselves somewhere nearby, probably in a wall cavity you’ve been meaning to block off. Before you know it, you’ve jumped on Google to figure out how can you get rid of ants without calling in the experts… DIY is cheaper, right? Sure, if you’re dealing with the occasional scuttling invader and very few of his friends. There’s a secret to ant pest control – it pays to be thorough. While the following quick tricks may help you to send the blighters packing, we always recommend the experienced eyes and tools of a qualified pest control technician.

Why We Recommend Professional Pest Control First

Right, you’re thinking, it makes sense that a pest control company would highlight pest control as the number one eradication strategy. The reason we do what we do isn’t related to your bank balance or ours; we’ve been in the business for 50 years because we’re passionate about keeping Canberra  families, businesses and everyone else in between safe. A high concentration of pests can have severe consequences, from bites and stings to disease and health issues like asthma. Ants may not carry the plague (like cockroaches) or poison their aggressors (like spiders), but some species deliver a bite that has the potential hurt badly or trigger an allergic reaction. Not to mention finding ants in your food makes it inedible!

What if You Want to Try Something Else Before Calling Us?

If you’re determined to take control of the situation before summoning the pest control cavalry, the following strategies have been used successfully by other homeowners. Keep in mind, any research or sources you find on other websites is highly generalised, often built off bad or outdated advice and anecdotes.

Be Prevention Savvy

Although prevention strategies won’t help you when you’re knee-deep in ants already, they will make a difference after your current flatmates are wiped out by our pet and people friendly anti-ant treatments. Life is busy, we get it, but leaving leftovers out on the bench or not rinsing plates off after meals can be all the invitation an ant colony needs to setup a long-term camp in your household or business building cavities. Speaking of cavities, do a sweep of the structure and check for possible entry points – no matter how small – caulking them to prevent further colonisation.

Essential Oils

Combine peppermint and lavender oil with 1 cup of water in a spray bottle for an aromatic cocktail ants absolutely hate.  Spray windowsills and door frames and let dry, letting your ant friends drag their legs through the natural repellent and into the colony, potentially killing quite a few of their family in the process. Of course, you can’t see how effective this treatment really is in the long run, so anything you do now is more of a first step before we come in to get the rest of the job done.

There are things you should DIY from start to finish, but pest control isn’t one of them. Protect yourself, the ones you love or your staff from insects, bugs, spiders, cockroaches and ants with our specialised pest treatment. We kill ten bugs types in one hit, so you don’t have to spend time and money on different DIY tricks!

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