How to Get Rid of Wasps in Your Garden and Stop Them Coming Back

WASPS can be nerve-wracking and unpleasant, especially when in your home or garden. Unlike many other common pests, stopping them comes with the added worry of receiving a nasty sting, but there are ways to get rid of them safely and stop them coming back.

Wasps are usually found in the garden, but with more doors and windows being left open, they can find their way into the home. Along with being irritating, noisy, and unpleasant, they can also give a nasty sting, meaning tackling them can be slightly tricky.

Douse in soapy water

Dishwashing liquid is a surprisingly effective tool against wasps, the soap quickly kills the wasps by clogging their breathing spores. Since swatting wasps is a big no-no, you can get rid of individual wasps by spraying them with the soapy water mixture.

If you have a nest in your home spirt dishwashing liquid into the end of a hose pipe, run the water with soap suds appear, turn the pressure on high, and blast the nest with the soapy water.

Scatter some peppermint oil

It can be better to opt for more natural solutions, such as peppermint oil. Peppermint is a cheap, easy, and efficient way of getting rid of wasps, as they don’t like any type of mint.

According to a study in the journal of pest management science in 2013, peppermint oil is almost guaranteed to keep wasps away. Add a few drops of oil to tissues or cotton wool balls and place them around the garden in spaces between the decking, porch roofs, sheds, and any other gaps where wasps can congregate.

You can use the same trick in your home if you keep catching them flitting around your kitchen.

Set out sugary drinks

Are you being harassed by yellow jackets when you’re having Barbeque party in your garden? An effective way to divert their attention away from you is to set out a cup or two of sugary drinks for their consumption. Cola or cream soda works great for this.

Hanging false nests

Something else you can do to prevent a wasp problem is to hang a false wasp nest by your house (or wherever you want to deter them). There are a variety of products for this, some look very much like a paper lantern, and others look similar to a real nest, but they get good reviews online — even if they don’t work 100 percent of the time. They are supposed to work because wasps are territorial, and they won’t build next to another nest. Some even claim to have success by simply hanging up a brown paper bag!

Find the nest

Wasps will no doubt have a nest nearby, potentially in your garden. The best way to get rid of hands and stop them coming back is to target the nest.

One way to destroy the nest is to squirt dishwashing liquid into the end of your hose pipe and run the water until suds appear. When the pressure is high and water soapy blast the nest, a certain way to stop wasps in their tracks.

Wasps’ nests can also be smoked out, by putting a small fire, BBQ, or any other lit material beneath it, which will suffocate the wasps and force them to evacuate.

Call in the professionals

If you find a wasp nest in your house or garden, it’s probably best to call in professional pest controllers to take care of it. They will have the specialist tools, as well as the protective clothing to safely deal with the problem, and you won’t put yourself at risk of a swarm of angry insects.

If a nest is small enough, it’s possible they may be able to move it to another location, but if it is a fully-fledged nest then it could contain thousands wasps, and will need to be destroyed.

City Pest Control Services is a professional wasps control that can help you to get rid of them from your garden. So make sure that you contact us whenever you see their nest in your garden.

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