Prices for pest control in Canberra

What is the Price for a ……..?

For many of our customers, this is one of the first questions they will want to know. Many factors must be thought through when treating a pest infestation. Considerations include the type of pest, how big the infestation is, kind of property we are dealing with, chemicals and amount of treatments it will take and finally what treatments is required and how many technicians will it take to complete the required job. So it is easier to talk to us for a quotation.

City Pest Control conducts yearly price comparisons to ensure that we do not just beat at competitors on service, but we can beat most pest companies on price as well. Some companies manipulate prices by lowering the cost than putting hidden oncosts to get the price they original want (we see this often in Canberra). That is why we make comparisons on our competitors to ensure we can offer value for our customers every year.

Price Comparison for companies in Canberra areas.

We can maintain our prices because we keep most of our overheads to a minimum. Our mission plan is simple.

To offer the best service at a reasonable price, maintaining customer loyalties.

So why choose City Pest Control Services.

Fully Trained, Insured and ready to go.

Fewer overheads mean reduced prices for you.

All chemicals are proven to work fast.

You will always speak to a Technician who knows issues.

Real care for our customers through our warranties given.

Call Us for a real honest service